She was feeling extremely dumb and happy at the same time. Trying to figure out if her last choice was a good or a regretting one. Her brain had all those electric circuits running faster by the second, while her hands touched softly trough those gray walls. She shutted her eyes and felt a force getting closer from every possible direction and pushing her. All of her body started to wake up and communicate. It is pure gospel when you understand the language your body speaks, and in that moment, she could hear whispers that told her to leave.

Suddenly, she was higher. Floating in the sky, but a different one, watching everything operating in a new frequency, watching the world from another perspective, while her body kept living for her down here. She felt disrupted and evolved at the same time. There was still chaos and mess and it was still hard to decide.
The next thing she noticed, was that this place, floors above the plan we are used to live on, happens a bit before our actual life. She was in a future somehow, although she never really comprehend how many time she had in front of the carnal stage of being. Anyway, she was able to finally understand that “real life” happens because, before, in this higher plan, we speak, we see each other, we inspect the environment, we have a moment to study everything we’ll touch and experience.

This made her trust herself again and feel smart to keep on making her own decisions. Answers started to fulfill her mind with all this sense of responsability and a kind of freedom that comes along with it. It’s easier to be confident, when we trust our inner wishes.